Sunday, September 06, 2009

Wordpress Plugin : MS Auto Thumbnail Custom Key Generator

This is very useful plugin for those who use custom key in their post for thumbnail. This plugin can add custom key automatically. You can create multiple custom keys for a single thumbnail.

for any suggestion/complain/bug plz write me at mshahid85(at)

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  1. what does it do exactly, could you elaborate a little!

    I am looking for a plugin that grabs the address of the first image in a post and assign it to a field of my choice. If that field exists, then it doesn't do anything.

    Would your plugin be something like that?

  2. I am a user of your great plugin MS Auto Thumbnail Custom Key Generator .I found it on the net a few days ago, and it was exactly what I was looking for. I generate posts from several feeds. To have their images stored in my server I use a plugin that downloads the images and saves them in another folder within the "uploads" folder. The problem I had until a few days ago was that I needed the URL of image in the post to be placed in the custom filed "thumbnail". I could not find any plugin that do that until I found yours, and it works very good.

    The only issue I have with the plugin is that when there is no image in the post I cannot manually add an image path to the custom field "thumbnail". Whe I do that and then save the post MS Auto Thumbnail Custom Key Generator automatically removes the URL from the custom field because there is no image in the post. Is there any way to make the plugin able to accept manual addition of the images?

  3. hi friends, thanks for using my plugin,

    i have updated this plugin according to your feedbacks.

    the new updation is :: plugin will not save new url in custom key if any url is already exists.

    if you need any other updations, please write me